Vida Scarfs Collection Launch

Vida Scarfs Collection Launch



VIDA is a collaboration of designers and makers around the world that brings unique, exclusive apparel and home collections to you… creating beauty every step of the way.

We work with the world’s most breathtakingly talented emerging designers and artists – from Paris to Paraná, Milan to Mumbai, San Francisco to Sofia – to bring you products that tell stories of our rich, beautiful, connected world.
We trace the creation of our products from their very conception – from fiber to fabric, all the way to your doorstep. Our makers are men and women who give us the gift of their timeless craft – they cut, they sew, they hand-finish the products, converting a design vision into a crafted collection.
VIDA members curate their lives with unique products.  Each article’s journey – from its inception to its production and delivery at your doorstep – positively impacts hundreds of lives.


\v(i)-da\ vee-dah
Persian: a rare find
Sanskrit: wisdom
Hebrew: beloved
Spanish: life

VIDA is the story of the rich, beautiful, interconnected world in which we live. It is the story of contemporary life and of mindful, global citizenship.
VIDA is a collaboration amongst global citizens – from a designer in Milan, to a producer in Karachi, and a consumer in San Francisco – we are a global partnership of co-creators.
VIDA presents an alternative to the homogeneous, disposable products that increasingly dominate retail. We produce only that which is purchased, bringing into the world only items that are wanted.
We are using innovations in design and technology to make quality accessible again. We produce with the highest ethical standards, respecting the makers of the products we bring into our lives.
We believe beautiful products should create beauty every step of the way.


Scarves Collection by Simonetta de Simone for VIDA



Scarves Collection by Simonetta de Simone for VIDA


Flower bouquets meet red petals and butterfly wings


Inspired by the fabrics worn by the 18th century nobles of Venice


Refracted light and color dance on the waters of the Grand Canal

Available exclusively on Vida


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