New sustainable fashion company VIDA – Candy Washington Blog

New sustainable fashion company VIDA – Candy Washington Blog

I wanted to introduce you to the recently launched new e-commerce fashion company, VIDA. You can shop sustainably and responsibly just in time for the new holiday shopping season. Read on for the fashion-insider scoop below and an exclusive interview with the co-founder and CEO Umaimah Mendhro..


The sustainable fashion scoop on VIDA:
“VIDA brings global consciousness and an impeccable sense of taste to style-seekers through carefully selected artistic partnerships and luxurious, responsibly produced clothing and accessories—starting with a line of tops and scarves.

VIDA is able to produce limited and one-of-a-kind items to meet demand, giving you a say in what designs are produced.

VIDA will launch with 200+ designers and artists from around the world, including photographers, graphic designers, painters, sculptors and more, from Karachi to Kuala Lumpur, San Francisco to Sofia, London to Barcelona and Venice to Tokyo.

VIDA offers more than 75 designs on 5 types of products:

  • 100% modal scarves: $40
  • Cashmere-modal scarves: $75
  • 100% silk square scarves: $95
  • 100% silk modern short sleeve top: $65
  • 100% silk modern sleeveless dress top: $75
  • VIDA gives shoppers access to high quality silk, modal and cashmere products and unique designs at reasonable price points.

Through carefully selected manufacturing partnerships, VIDA is able to ensure fairness and economic empowerment at every step of the process. VIDA has partnered with responsible producers and offers all craftspeople a living wage and literacy classes.”