Simonetta De Simone | artist and textile designer
Simonetta De Simone
Artist and Textile Designer

Simonetta De Simone, an Italian artist, print, and textile designer with a passion for color and bespoke illustration, combines her talent in fine arts with her love for fashion prints and textiles.

Simonetta De Simone founded her textile design studio in her native Venice in 2010, specializing in print design for women’s apparel and home decor.
Simonetta’s designs are distinctive for their unique color and whimsical yet sophisticated patterns. Her design portfolio includes custom textile patterns for leading brands Lotta Stensson Design, Sisley-Benetton, Asics, and Adidas.

Simonetta is a formally trained painter with a degree from Venice’s prestigious Academy of Fine Arts.
She worked for a communication and advertising agency after completing her studies, ultimately leading her to work as an illustrator and open her graphic design studio.

Simonetta is currently working as a freelance print designer collaborating with clients globally across a wide range of markets. Her patterns are available for license, with custom designs available for any project.