Simonetta De Simone | artist and textile designer
Simonetta De Simone
Artist and Textile Designer

Simonetta was born in Venice, where she currently works and lives.
She studied arts at the Accademy of Fine Arts of Venice and ensued a Painting degree.
Those years of studies giveĀ  her the chance to take part to various art exhibitions and doing stimulating meetings that will doing stimulating meetings that willinfluence her whole career.
After the degree she worked with communication and advertising agencies until she opened her graphic design studio. In 2010 she started to work as illustrator and the famous brand Sisley noticed her work and asked her to create a t-shirt line. This experience switched on her interest in textile design and pushed her to try this new and exciting adventure, opening the gates to new collaborations and to a new marketplace.
Simonetta is currently working as a freelance print design selling to clients such as Lotta Stensson Design, Sisley-Benetton, Asics, Adidas.